Getting Started
  • Work through the tutorial available on the downloads page.
  • Read and/or subscribe to the support forums.
  • Peruse some images of the software in action.
  • Watch an instructional video 
openWind Enterprise
For users who need a complete design and optimization toolbox the Enterprise version includes:
  • Deep Array Wake Model
  • Cost of Energy Optimizer
  • Uncertainty Module
  • Time-Series Energy Simulations
  • Shadow Flicker Module
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New! openWind Basic
Expanding the Community edition, Basic is a cost-effective option with superior functionality including:
  • Shadow Flicker Module
  • Fast Wind Mapping
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Downloads Demo Movies

Simple Demo 2

This is the second part of the tutorial in which we allow one site to use two met masts depending on which met mast each turbine is closer to.

Click here to get the file

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