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  • Work through the tutorial available on the downloads page.
  • Read and/or subscribe to the support forums.
  • Peruse some images of the software in action.
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openWind Enterprise
For users who need a complete design and optimization toolbox the Enterprise version includes:
  • Deep Array Wake Model
  • Cost of Energy Optimizer
  • Uncertainty Module
  • Time-Series Energy Simulations
  • Shadow Flicker Module
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New! openWind Basic
Expanding the Community edition, Basic is a cost-effective option with superior functionality including:
  • Shadow Flicker Module
  • Fast Wind Mapping
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Rasterising Constraints

As we add more and more vector-based environmental constraints to our site, the optimisation process can start to slow down considerably, especially when trying to place hundreds of turbines. This short video shows a way to compress all the geometry tests into one raster layer, allowing rapid optimisation of a site with 300 turbines in this case.

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